Ashbourne Park Splashpad
The Grand Opening of Ashbourne Park Splashpad
Victoria Park, Cardiff Splashpad
Wait in anticipation for the bucket to fill and spill over releasing tons of waterplay fun!!!
Drusillas Splashpad
Immerse yourself in a themed waterplay scheme which compliments the surrounding environment as well as stimulating users imagination and creativity.
Crossley Park Splashpad
Jet Stream and Mist Waterplay
Howard Park Splashpad, Letchworth Garden City
A 1204 sqm paddling pool with additional jets and bubblers for extra play value.
Tamworth Farm Park
Colourful Tamworth Waterspider
Dippy's Splash Zone, Dinosaur Adventure Park
Play with Dippy the Dinosaur, Dinosaur Adventure Parks famous mascot and friends on a 755sqm Splashpad
Crossley Park Splashpad
Waterplay Fun For All The Family
The Super Soaking Water Cannon
No Splashpad is complete without one!!
Our Products
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About Us

Ustigate Waterplay are a privately owned company, specialising in formal water features since the 1960’s, diversifying into Waterplay in the mid 1990’s. The company is the largest of its kind in the UK and operates from a 11000square foot office in Dartford, Kent.
Ustigate have extensive experience in the waterplay industry having completed over 80 waterplay installations, large and small, throughout the UK. We design and build every aspect of the mechanical and electrical elements for the water play facilities, including complex control systems at our factory in Kent.
We often act as a main contractor on Splashpad schemes, providing a complete turnkey solution from design and construction, testing, training, surfacing and landscaping.
Our engineering expertise allows us to design and build bespoke water play facilities, to meet our Client’s budget and cater for any site specific requirements. Ranging from large recirculated water systems to small once used systems, often integrating grey water systems to provide irrigation and secondary use of the water.
At Ustigate we take water quality seriously, designing systems that not only meet, but exceed the PWTAG water quality standards required for aquatic play environments. Our priority is to ensure that our systems provide the safest water quality for children to play in.


For the past 10 years we have been partnered with Vortex International of Canada who develop and manufacture an extensive range of exceptional quality water play features. Their research and development is second to none and allows us to push the limits of creativity and design new and inspirational play spaces.

Our close relationship with Vortex provides an exclusive range of water play features, remarkable for their innovative design and quality and most importantly backed up by a first-rate warranty and outstanding customer service.

Please click on the link below to discover the endless array of children’s water play features available for your project.