Bridlington Leisure Centre Elevation

Bridlington Leisure Centre Elevation

East Riding of Yorkshire Council


210 sqm

To design and install a large waterplay elevation which incorporates a range of interactive play items for all members of the family to enjoy such as a 360 degree turning water slide. Further waterplay products were scattered around the edges of the pool and a toddler bay was created consisting of a cascade No 1 providing even more playability and the ‘wow’ factor in order to attract more customers to the centre.

Cannons rule this elevation!! The multi-level elevation hosts a range of easy to access rotating cannons children can use to get there friends in the pool soaked promoting social interaction. Furthermore, the large elevation also provides a range of water affects on and off the structure through either leaf/flower heads or dumping buckets for a total play experience. The focal point of the structure is the massive Supersplash where users must wait for the bucket to fill up and once full releases a tidal wave soaking everyone in its spray zone. Lastly, the elevation also utilizes a lot of see flow material which reflects the suns rays casting colourful patterns all around the pool.

Moreover, the elevation caters for a range of age groups as its incorporates two slides, one is a 360 degree turning slide intended for older children as well as a much shorter slide designed for toddlers. Additionally, for younger children a Cascade No 1 is also installed in which young children can create a range of water effects with the different game opportunities likewise promoting collaborative play. Around the edge of the pool we also installed a trio of Tube No 1 cannons and 8 rooster tail jets to provide a more immersive waterplay experience for non elevation users.

Annual maintenance to commission at the start of the season to decommission at the close of the season and as required.