Victoria Park Splashpad, Cardiff

A nature and animal themed splashpad which provides even more waterplay fun than the old paddling pool and likewise pays homage to the strong history of Victoria Park, Cardiff. The new splashpad also incorporates the newly re-designed spider which provides even more water movements than ever before and another supersplash…

Bridlington Leisure Centre Elevation

Ustigate were commissioned to design and install a large multi-level waterplay elevation which incorporates a range of interactive play items for all members of the family to enjoy such as the 360 degree turning water slide!! Further waterplay products were scattered around the edges of the pool and a toddler bay…

Drusillas Park Splashpad

A Nature / Caribbean themed splashpad located at Drusillas Park, which is primarily a Zoo which hosts a range of animals. The Waterplay installation was created to attract even more visitors during the hotter periods of the year.

Dippy’s Splash Zone – Dinosaur Adventure Park

Dippy’s Splash Zone is a dinosaur inspired waterplay installation which includes the design, manufacture and installation of 6 bespoke ‘Dinosaur Dippy’s Friends’ which are attached to a range of waterplay products across the splash zone. The waterplay products paint finish and EPDM surfacing are also customized to match the colours…

South Shields Leisure Centre Elevation

Situated in the corner of the pool area Ustigate Waterplay were commissioned to install a custom elevation at South Shields Leisure Centre providing extra water playability for younger children.

Bournemouth Pier Approach

Part of the overall renovation Ustigate Waterplay were asked to install a Waterplay installation at Bournemouth Pier Approach situated near the sea front. The installation uses a range of interactive ground jets for children to play with and has surrounding concrete seating areas. In the centre we placed 33 sequenced…

Barry Island – Eastern Promenade

A challenging site to install a water feature! On the end of the eastern promenade at Barry Island, a very exposed site, with a rock face as a back drop and solid rock beneath the promenade.

Bishop Stortford Pool

This is a new pool play installation with a twist. It consists of a central geyser shooting large streams of water into the air with a range of sequenced jets surrounding it for children to interact with. The water generated by the jets then builds up in the pools basin…

Tamworth Farm Recreation Centre Splashpad

The paddling pool was old and tired and in need of a new lease of life. Additionally the operational costs were becoming uneconomical. A new and exciting waterplay experience was required!

Crossley Park, Ripley

To replace the old paddling pool with a new and exciting water play experience at Crossley Park Splashpad, Ripley which is easily maintained and environmentally friendly.