Crossley Park, Ripley

Before - Crossley Park

Before Renovation

And the splashpad is open at Crossley Park!

Crossley Park, Ripley

Amber Valley Borough Council


130 sqm

To replace the old paddling pool with a new and exciting water play experience which is easily maintained and environmentally friendly.

The old paddling provided the footprint for the new Splashpad. There is a Toddler bay with a cascading water feature and a shallow splash pool for the younger children. A variety of water play features; water tunnels, spray arch, aqua flowers, jet streams provide a challenging and entertaining water play experience for all ages. The Splashpad has proved to be extremely popular with the local children.

The scheme is a ‘once used’ system with a grey water tank to collect and re-use the water from the Splashpad, either in the park or around the borough. To assist in this a remote bowser take off was also included to allow for easy filling.

Annual maintenance to commission and decommission and as required