Dippy’s Splash Zone – Dinosaur Adventure Park

2015-01-06 13.09.52

Dippy’s Splash Zone

Dinosaur Adventure Park


755 sqm

To design, install and maintain a Splash Zone inspired by the famous Dippy the Dinosaur, the mascot and one of the Dinosaur Adventure Parks most popular guest to attract more customers to the park.

The Waterplay Installation includes the manufacture and installation of 6 bespoke ‘Dinosaur Dippy’s Friends’ which are attached to a range of waterplay products across the splash zone. Furthermore, the waterplay products paint finish and EPDM surfacing was also customized to match the colours and shapes of Dippy the Dinosaur. Giving users a more immersive and adventurous play experience for when Dippy the Dinosaur is asleep!!

The Splash Zone was divided into 3 bays in which has a range of play items designed specifically for each group (toddler, teen & family). The focal point however of the Splash Zone is the huge supersplash elevation located in the centre which consists of a huge bucket and when full it tilts over with the water crashing onto a platform creating a mini – tidal wave soaking everyone nearby. The full PWTAG compliant filtration and recirculated system ensures the highest quality of water for children to play in.

Annual maintenance to commission at the start of the season to decommission at the close of the season and as required.