Howard Park, Letchworth Garden City


A shady view from the other end of the pool

The new jets firing into the pool

Howard Park, Letchworth Garden City.

UPM Tilhill Ltd for North Hertfordshire District Council


1204 sqm

This large park, situated in close proximity to the town centre is a
landmark in Letchworth and the paddling pool very well loved by the local children. Ustigate’s task was to retain, refurbish and enhance the original paddling pool and to provide a more efficient and safer water play environment.

A large meandering paddling pool, the play value was increased with the addition of ranges of sprays, jets and bubblers to the shallow pools along the length of the pool providing a more interactive play element. At the northern end two circles of 12 angled trajectory jet streams were introduced, the 24 jets provide a programmed display for play by day and are uplit at night by white LEDs to bring a touch of elegance to the area. A fully PWTAG compliant recirculation system was designed and installed to meet the huge number of visitors to the park.

Annual maintenance to commission and decommission and as required