South Shields Leisure Centre Elevation

South Shields Leisure Centre - View 1

South Shields Leisure Centre - View 2

South Shields Leisure Centre Elevation

LA Architects


45 sqm

 The supply and installation of a custom elevation on a curved  and beached entry area located in the corner of the pool area to increase water playability for young children, attracting more customers to the leisure centre.

Ustigate Waterplay worked closely with main contractors LA architects and construction contractors Graham Constructions to install the bespoke elevation. Due to the curvature of the flooring Ustigate Waterplay Engineers designed the level criteria for the build team.

The custom elevation hosts a range of easy to access water products around the structure which create gentle water effects for a total play experience. This includes the cascades feature which allows children to play together and direct water into the various water streams, encouraging collaborative play. Furthermore,  the custom elevation uses Seeflow™ Materials (a impact resistant polymer) which casts colourful reflections around the installation using the combination of water and sunlight. Lastly, the custom elevation has a double slide ending in the pool allowing children to race head to head and finish with a massive splash!!

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