Tamworth Farm Recreation Centre Splashpad

Tamworth Farm Splashpad - Before Renovation

Before Renovation

Tamworth Farm Park - View 1

Opening Day – Tamworth Farm Park

Tamworth Farm Recreation Centre Splashpad

Merton Council


256 sqm

The paddling pool was old and tired and in need of a new lease of life.
Additionally the operational costs were becoming uneconomical. A new and exciting waterplay experience was required!

The new Splashpad at Tamworth has a large variety of water play features with a small splash pool for the toddlers incorporated into the design. The splashpad boasts the first installation of the new ‘Spider’ play feature from Vortex. A multifunctional feature, fostering collaborative play and cooperation. With 8 jet spray ground activators to control the jets in the legs and head, children interact with the creature and learn the cause & effect of their actions. Six of its legs have 10 laminar jets each and water gushes from the mouth and rear of the body – this is an amazing and innovative play feature, standing over 3m high. Elsewhere on the Splashpad extra Safe Swap anchors have been installed to allow for future expansion. The fully PWTAG compliant filtration and recirculated system ensures the highest quality water for children to play in. This project was funded by a local benefactor and dedicated to the memory of his daughter Elisabeth.

Annual maintenance to commission and decommission and as required