Victoria Park Splashpad, Cardiff

Before Splashpad
Victoria Park Splashpad, Cardiff - View 1
Victoria Park Splashpad, Cardiff - Spider
Victoria Park Splashpad, Cardiff - Super Splash
Victoria Park Splashpad, Cardiff

Cardiff City Council


1,167 sqm

The old paddling pool and it’s plantroom had come to the end of its life cycle with increasing maintenance costs as plantroom operatives were constantly monitoring and tweaking its settings to deliver water to the pool and a lifeguard was required on site during opening times. Furthermore, the initial water system design was under engineered with just one filter meant it did not meet modern safety standards and found it difficult to deliver the large amounts of water required to fill the pool. Therefore, a new splashpad with a new water system was proposed which would significantly reduce operational costs yet provide even more waterplay fun.

Lastly, the client also requested that the design pay homage to the strong history at Victoria Park incorporating themes relating to the famous ‘billy the seal’, the old paddling pool and zoo which once existed there as well as a small stream in which children can splash in.


In order to meet the clients required themes the new splashpad now incorporates 34 waterplay products taken from our nature and animal collection and are placed into 1 of 3 bays (toddler, family and teen) depending on the waterplay products intended age group. In order to give the Splashpad the ‘wow factor’ we placed 2 exciting focal points in which all members of the family wont resist but play with, the new re-designed spider and the colossal Supersplash no 2. The new and improved spider creates even more water movements in comparison to the old spider combining laminar jets, dumping water and misting movements providing even more play value. The Supersplash No 2 the larger of the 2 focal points utilizes a giant bucket where children must wait in anticipation for the bucket to fill and once full it spills crashing on a platform spreading the water far and wide soaking everyone in its spray zone. In order to create the stream requested by the client water from the supersplash no 2 runs down a shallow pool in which children can splash in.

Furthermore, in order to achieve a theme similar to the paddling pool majority of the splashpads EPDM flooring uses 2 shades of blue which covers the foot print of the old paddling pool mimicking the water that once stood there. Additionally, green EPDM colouring was also used to create islands in which animal and nature themed waterplay products were retrospectively placed on it with ground jets being placed on the blue surfacing mimicking water movement providing a more exotic and immersive play experience. Lastly, the fully PWTAG compliant filtration and recirculated system ensures the highest quality water for children to play in.

After its first season of operation the Splashpad has become a huge success amongst the people of Cardiff with the scheme attracting approximately 71,000 visitors, that’s an average of 6000 people a week during the summer period. Compared to an average of 8,000 visitors during the entirety of the season when it was a paddling pool (Source: Cardiff City Council).

Annual maintenance to commission at the start of the season and to decommission at the close of the season.