Drusillas Park Splashpad

Before Splashpad

Drusillas Park Splashpad

Drusillas Park


200 sqm

To design, install and maintain a Caribbean/ Nature themed Splashpad which would replace the ‘Monkey Kingdom’ to attract more customers to the park. A brand new plantroom would also be needed  to house all the components required for a PWTAG compliant re-circulated water system.


To achieve the Caribbean/Nature themed splashpad we utilized products from our Nature Collection which utilize organic shapes and colours transforming the splashpad into a more exotic play environment. To accompany the nature themed aquatic play structures we placed a range of ground water jets such as a range of side winders, directional jets and a cylinder spray in which children will love running there hands and feet through and provides a range of play opportunities. Lastly, in the teen bay to give that extra wow factor and playability two spray cannons were also implemented into the final design. These cannons rotate 360 degrees and can be moved up and down allowing cannon users to soak anyone who gets too close!!

The fully PWTAG compliant filtration and recirculated system ensures the highest quality water for children to play in.

Annual maintenance as required

Drusillas Park Splashpad

This is a short video of the Splashpad in action!!